Our Charges

It is mandatory that the client should know who is dealing with his/her matter and the cost must be transparent, therefore we herewith disclose our fee.

Initial consultation is : £75.00 for 30 to 60 minutes depends upon the complexity of the matter. Any written advise via email or on our letter head will be charged from £150.00/hour.

Immigration Applications:

a) FLR (FP) and FLR (HRO): £1200.00

b) PBS dependant application: £750.00

c) Application made within the UK without lawful residence : £1200.00

d) Initial Spouse Visa Application within the UK: £850.00

e) Spouse Visa application extension within the UK: £850.00

f) Spouse Visa application outside the UK: £900.00 to £1500.00

g) Settlement application outside the UK: £800.00

h) Pre action Protocol: £500.00 to £700.00

I) Initial Judicial Review: £1500-£2000.00 , renewal JR application at Oral Hearing : £2500.00

j) Paper Immigration Appeal for single appellant: £500.00 + £250.00 for additional appellant.

k) Oral Appeals for a single appellant: £1200-£1500.00 + £350 for every additional appellant.

l) Indefinite Leave to Remain : £1200-£1800.00

Note: Our charges exclude the Tribunal fees, Home office fees, Postal Charges, Counsel fees or any other disbursements.

Our charges will include instructions, attendance, preparation of the appeal/application, representation at the Tribunal, communication with you and government departments.

Family law:

a) Divorce on the basis of mutual consent/two years separation £750.00 + £1050.00

b) All other defended or contested divorce will be charged hourly rates : £200.00/hour

Residential Conveyancing:

a) We do not act for the buyer as we not on the panel of the Lender but if it is a cash purchase then we can only act after complying with the money laundering checks.

b) To act for the seller our fixed fee will start from £900.00

Complaint Procedure:

On receipt of the complaint from a client immediately it will be forwarded to the Principal/s:
A record of the complaint will be made in the Central Register.
A file will be opened with a reference number with regards to the complaint in the following day.
A letter will be sent to the complainer informing him who will be dealing with his complaint and requesting him to explain the details of his complain or confirming the details of his complaint.

On receipt of the complainer’s response we will inform him that his complaint is being investigation and that he will hear from us within the next 10 working days with a view to resolving the complaint either through a meeting or through a telephone discussion (if he is not able or happy to attend the meeting) or send a detailed reply to the complaint with possible solutions.

Where a meeting of telephone discussion took place a letter will then be sent confirming the contents of the meeting or discussion along with solutions that have been agreed or not agreed.

On the event that the complainer has responded negatively to our solutions, a review of our decisions and confirmation of our final position on the complaint. At the same time, we will provide the complainer with the name and address of the Consumer Complaint Service within 5 to 10 days

Our services are fully looked in by Prashant Chaudhary, however, we have an associate solicitor .i.e. Santosh Singh who work under the supervision of Prashant Chaudhary.