Our specialist tram of Immigration Solicitors based in Swindon (prior appointments only) have in-depth knowledge of UK Immigration, Nationality and Asylum Law.

Our Immigration solicitors have a proven track record which that is the only reason our clients have left review on trustpilot.

We provide the following Immigration (Visa) Services:

a) Immigration Appeals

1) Spouse Visa Appeals

2) Family Visit Visa Appeals

3) Fiance Visa refusal Appeals

4) UK visa refusal Apppeals

5) Tier 1 general visa refusal appeals (Immigration Appeal)

6) Human Rights Appeal

7) Tier 2 visa refused-(Tier 2 visa-Immigration Appeal)

8) Indefinite Leave to Remain refused- ILR (Immigration Appeal)

9) Tier 4 student visa refused- Tier 4 (“Immigration Appeal”)

10) EEA 2 visa refusal Appeal (Immigration Appeal)

11) UK Ancestry Visa refusal Appeals

12) Intra Company Transfer

13) Injunction Against Deportation

14) FLR (HRO)

15) UK Sole representative Visa

16) Settle in the United Kingdom

17) Refugee or Humanitarian Protection

18) Returning Resident visa

In addition to the above we represent clients who are in the detention centers:

a) Bail to the Chief Immigration Officer

b) Bail to the Immigration Judge-at Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

Appeals or challenge the decision by way of Judicial Review:

  1. Appeal to the First-tier tribunal (IAC)
  2. Application to the First-tier tribunal (IAC) for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal (IAC)
  3. Application to the Upper tribunal (IAC) for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal (IAC)
  4. Appeal and representing you at the Upper Tribunal
  5. An Appeal to the Court of Appeal Civil division
  6. Judicial Review at the Upper tribunal

So if you are seeking for an expert immigration advise then kindly feel free to contact our Immigration Solicitors (Immigration Solicitors Uxbridge)


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