As we have started an outreach office in Swindon therefore our Immigration Solicitors do advise and assist clients who are based in Swindon or suburbs.

Our Immigration Solicitors in Swindon (outreach-prior appointments) have in-depth knowledge of the Immigration law and they keep themselves updated with all latest amendments.

If you are looking to obtain a perfect, reasonable, appropriate, honest advise with respect to any Immigration issue then do feel free to contact our Immigration Solicitors in Swindon (outreach office).

Our Immigration Solicitors in Swindon can assist and advise you with the following Immigration issues:

a) UK Spouse visa

b) Immigration Appeals

c) UK entrepreneur visa

d) UK ancestry visa

e) UK Sole representative visa

f) UK Elderly dependent visa

g) UK Fiance visa

h) Indefinite leave to Remain

i) Further leave to remain on the basis of Human Rights

j) Asylum Claim

k) UK tourist visa

l) Tier 2 Intra Company transfer visa

m) UK Student visa (Tier 4 general)

n) EEA permanent residency

o) Tier 2 minister of religion

p) Tier 2 Change of Employment

q) Tier 5 youth mobility scheme

r) Domestic Worker visa

s) Settlement on the basis of Domestic Violence-SET (DV)

t) Tier 5 International Agreement

u) Parent of a Tier 4 child visa

v) Long Residence-ILR (indefinite leave to remain)

w) Right of abode

x) UK unmarried partner visa

y) Civil Partnership visa

z) Adult dependent relative

In addition to the above please be advised that our Immigration Solicitors advise and assist you with the Judicial Review Claim, for instance if your in-country spouse visa application have been refused by the Home Office/secretary of State on the fact that the marriage is not a genuine marriage, with an out of country right of appeal then you can challenge the decision of the Home Office by way of Judicial Review.


Judicial review is becoming increasingly demanding means of challenging decision with a significant public element.

We will clear following doubts of your with respect to Judicial review:

a) What is Judicial Review

b) The pre-action protocol

c) Stage at which the court may hear a case

d) What can be judicially reviewed

e) Grounds for applying for Judicial Review

f) Remedies available in Judicial Review proceedings